• BBC News: Europe v's Google, Facebook, Twitter

    BBC News interviewed Olivier Sichel (CEO LeGuide) and Mathias Döpfner (CEO Axel Springer) regarding the Google case and the Open Internet Project. Read more

  • Press briefing: Why is Google's Sitelinks Search Box a threat to digital economy? (Thursday 23rd October 2014)

    On October 23, Open Internet Project, represented by its Chairwoman, Armelle Thoraval, and some of its members: Olivier Sichel (CEO,... Read more

  • Press statement: the Open Internet Project supports Focus on the User

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The project

The digital sector first emerged more than twenty years ago, and is now an established feature of our society. Today, our world is completely digitalised, from the economy to administration and it even provides a forum for political reform. For example, seven million Americans have so-far enrolled in Obamacare, and they did so online. However, our digital world should not be dominated by one, two or three global players with the power to write the rules and guidelines, and to determine whom should have access.

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European Consumers and Digital Entrepreneurs demand ban of Google’s manipulative favouring of own services and content.

It’s a matter of worldwide importance. The search engine monopolist Google with over 90 percent market share in the European Union manipulates its search results. It promotes its own services and content and downgrades those of competitors, which may be more relevant to consumers’ queries. For several reasons, this is unacceptable.

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On 12 March of this year, German and French companies and organisations came together in Boulogne-Billancourt, in France, to establish Open Internet Project. This partnership, based in Brussels, aims to defend the European digital sector with political authorities in the European Union, to represent itself at the European Commission, and to mobilise public opinion which is mainly concerned with the omnipotent Google, even if consumers don’t quite realise it.

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Google Observer is the OIP's collaborative platform. Our objective is to inventory systematically the practices of Google, via its search engine, either good or bad practices. You can post your comments and your remarks on Google policy’s changes. Google Observer wants to collect and to publish high quality information, for the medias and public opinion.