The 2012 FTC Report on Google’s Business Practices by

A few weeks after President Obama's harsh words on European antitrust actions against Google (see Financial Times), the Wall Street Journal issued a leaked 2012 FTC report on Google's practices. The report concludes that "Google's conduct has resulted - and will result - in real harm to consumers and to innovation in the online search and advertising markets. Google has strengthened its monopolies over search and search advertising through anticompetitive means, and has forestalled competitors' and would-be competitors' ability to cha lenge those monopolies, and this will have lasting negative effects on consumer welfare" (link to Wall Street Journal). Despite the FTC staff conclusions stating Google should be sued for anticompetitive practices, the US national agency took the decision not to follow their conclusions. The Open Internet Project actions seems today more legitimate than ever as the FTC came to similar conclusions. Also, US national agencies calling Google's practices "anticompetitive" and providing accurate descriptions of those practices shows Obama was wrong stating European concerns are American-bashing. 

Those revelations raise legitimate questions regarding Google's ties with American public authorities. Google spent nearly $17 million on lobbyist in Washington last year (see this article), more than any other tech firm. Google also had more meeting at the Withe House and ex-employees appointed officials than any other firm. 

The Open Internet Project believes the FTC report and its context should be taken into account by the European authorities both at national and EU levels. 

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