The Open Internet Project

The digital sector first emerged more than twenty years ago, and is now an established feature of our society. Today, our world is completely digitalised, from the economy to administration and it even provides a forum for political reform. For example, seven million Americans have so-far enrolled in Obamacare, and they did so online. However, our digital world should not be dominated by one, two or three global players with the power to write the rules and guidelines, and to determine whom should have access.

Through its innovations and services Google has without a doubt contributed positively to the development of the Internet. Ideally Google will continue on this path, provided it does not engage in practices which distort competition on the developing digital market.

The founders of OIP have adopted a Manifesto which calls upon European governments, the the European Commission, parliamentarians and all political leaders: it is time to act. Read the Manifesto.

OIP’s main objective is to achieve neutrality on the Internet. Google’s search engine has become the port-of-call for 90% of Europeans: an internet search for a flight, a doctor or a restaurant should be neutral and offer access to diverse information. For some time this has not been the case.

Against this background OIP has decided to submit a formal competition complaint against Google to the European Commission outlining various conduct that it believes constitute an abuse of a dominant position. The complaint relates to the Commission’s investigation in Case 39.740 Foundem & others and demonstrates why the commitments proposed by Google to bring this investigation to an end are not sufficient to safeguard a competitive online market. See a summary of the complaint.

To raise awareness for a neutral Internet which OIP considers a fundamental principle, on 15 May there will be a pan-European Conference in Paris organised by OIP. Consumer organisations, digital entrepreneurs, startups, online-publishers and policy makers will meet to discuss the need to enforce competition law regulations in a digitalised world. Meeting and useful information.

Taking account of the fact that in the past Google has constantly shaped the Internet at its own discretion, OIP also considers that it is essential to continuously monitor and evaluate Google’s latest strategies regarding Internet neutrality and competition online. To this end the OIP has created the Google Observer: a watchdog which will enable OIP to flag any harmful practices implemented by Google which are aimed at undermining competition and entrenching its near-absolute dominance online.

Read the Manifesto