Europe is not an exception: Google's abuses of dominant position are scrutinized all over the world 06/05/2014 - Open Internet Project

Investigations in other juridictions show the global and growing questionings of Google’s practices - regarding both privacy regulations and antitrust. Europe is not the only area discussing Google’s conducts.


1/ In India, an antitrust investigation has been opened by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for two years. In March 2014, Google was fined because of its reluctance to cooperate by furnishing the documents and information required in the pending procedure. In India just like in Europe, Google's dilatory practices aims at preserving its undull dominance as long as possible.


2/ In Brazil, the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) has opened an investigation into alleged anticompetitive practices by Google in October 2013, and is very likely to launch a formal complaint once enough information will have been gathered.


3/ In Canada, Google is equally suspected of being in breach of antitrust law, and there are indications that this will lead to a formal investigation by the Competition bureau:



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