Google favors its own services regardless of their pertinence 06/05/2014 - Open Internet Project

Google displays its services more prominently even if they are not the most relevant result to a search query. This distorts competition, and it significantly impedes consumers' choice.


A concrete example in daily life searches illustrates that matter. When looking for a flat for your next holiday, Google proposes on the top Google+ rental service :



Such a presentation - with a map that occupies a significant part of the page - has two interlinked consequences:


- the consumers are more inclined to go and visit this offer, even if it is not the most relevant nor the cheapest.


- since more and more consumers click on that enhanced offer, its ranking automatically gets better and it remains on the front page, to the detriment of other offers. Not to mention the fact that this decreased visibility obliges other competitors to buy ads, at a growing price,  in order to have a chance to get some traffic : these costs can no longer be invested for innovations and improvements to the benefit of consumers.  

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