Google's knowledge graph: a more complete picture of the information, really ?! 13/05/2014 - Open Internet Project

Google has set up a new service, the knowledge graph, that combines data from different websites to offer an immediate and aggregated overlook of information related to the request.

In Google's own words, it gives: "Explore your search. With a carousel at the top of the results page, you can get a more complete picture of what you're curious about"

However, Google's knowledge graph is also disputable in the results it provides. Let's give an example with a recent search conducted on May 9th about Angelina Jolie ... See what Google's knowledge graph proposes:





Let's call it from now on the "Angelina jolie syndrom", or why the knowledge graph is not the best way to discover one of the most beautiful actresses in the world.


This tiny and anecdotal example furnishes an illustration of how Google can degrade the access to high-quality information : by aggregating content from many sources in one unique knowledge graph - without the proper contextualization.

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