Rules not applied 03/11/2014 - Loca vaca Sàrl

Google prevent website from making black hat SEO. But Google take no action against companies like homeaway which duplicate its content on website like and duplicate also content from

The same happen for mediavacances and tripadvisor. content is twice linked on the first page.

When Abritel use black hat SEO like the use of fake articles to generate artificials backlinks, Google punish Buzzea network but there is no incidence against Abritel which used Buzzea !
Why ? Because google Venture invest directly in HomeAway.
The prices practised by HomeAway are artificially up. People are forced to pay and work with them because they trust all the queries. You can type "locations vacances +city" with all the cities from France. Homelidays and Abritel will ALWAYS be shown in top 3 !

Why home owners would prefer to pay 500€ for an advertisement instead of 12€ ?

Does Abritel provide any extra service that justify this difference of price ? No !
This is a racket, a scam, a violation of the europeans laws.

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