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Si nous faisions la même chose que Google, nous devrions fermer...

Nous sommes concurrents de Google sur le marché de la comparaison des prix en France. Google se permet d'enfreindre la loi française sur le respect de la vie privée et est condamné  par la Cnil au maximum de l'amende, 150.000 euros.  Et c'est tout, Google continue d'enfreindre la loi française et utilise les données collectées illégalement pour conforter sa dominance. Si nous... See more

Google allows some regulated businesses in Germany, but not all

The adult industry is controversial and in a grey legal area as it is, this report will not be about that and we encourage the reader to look beyond that aspect, the main subject being the fact that Mihaela, the owner of the Berlin Escort Modelle business and website can't compete fairly on Google search results for good positions while respecting Google's guidelines for authorship and... See more

With its algorithm, Google holds a power of life or death over its competitors

Google's search engine is based on an algorithm, whose precise content remains unknown. Google alleges that it is based on a merely technical basis, but in fact it is built to serve its own interests. In that light, Google uses algorithm updates as opportunities to discriminate against its competitors - according to its own desire and without any exchange. Considering the quasi-monopoly... See more

Europe is not an exception: Google's abuses of dominant position are scrutinized all over the world

Investigations in other juridictions show the global and growing questionings of Google’s practices - regarding both privacy regulations and antitrust. Europe is not the only area discussing Google’s conducts.   1/ In India, an antitrust investigation has been opened by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for two years. In March 2014, Google was fined because of its reluctance... See more

The discriminating Google's AdWords policy

In addition to its preferential treatment of its own website and the use of its Knowledge Graph, Google also applies algorithmic updates that might further demote the visibility of competing types of search. Loss of visibility in SERP forces companies to invest in and bid for higher spots on Google AdWords. However, Google’s AdWords policy discriminates against sites which compete directly... See more