The Open Internet Project Members

AT Internet

AT Internet ((Applied Technologies Internet) is a privately held company that provides web analytics services and consulting for websites,... Read more


Clever Cloud provides an IT Automation Platform for developers with bulletproof infrastructure, auto-scaling, fair pricing and an support. Read more


GESTE brings together leading online professional publishers (media, video, music, games and classifieds). They converge towards a common goal:... Read more


Since 2005, GibMedia Group has been adding value to its clients’ web sites. Today, GibMedia forms a growing team of more than 110 members, working... Read more

Groupement National des Indépendants

The National Grouping of Independent is the only independent professional organization in the service of hotels, restaurants, cafés, caterer and... Read more

Hubert Burda Media

At total 2013 revenues of €2.62 billion and over 10,000 employees worldwide, Hubert Burda Media is Germany’s leading magazine publishing house and... Read more


Mailo is a 100% European mail service, which guarantees the users to regain control of their data and accompanies them in an ethical and... Read more


Qwant is a French search Engine created in 2013. Qwant ensures to be without user tracking and without filter bubble. The search engine thus... Read more

Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique

SACEM is the authors, composers and music editors’ society. Its role is to facilitate the exercise of the author’s rights and to foster the licit... Read more


Solocal Group (Former Pages Jaunes Groupe) combines 3 mains activities that are content edition and digital services, connecting people together... Read more


Since 2009 Visual Meta GmbH has been operating multiple shopping platforms across Europe under the brands LadenZeile and ShopAlike. On... Read more


Whaller allows teams and organizations to create their own internal social networks, meaning no advertisements and no data exploitation. Read more