The OIP congratulates Margrethe Vestager, appointed Vice-President responsible for digital issues of the European Commission and Commissioner for Competition under the chairmanship of Ursula von der Leyen by Open Internet Project

Paris, 10 September 2019 - The Open Internet Project (OIP) welcomes the appointment of Margrethe Vestager as Vice-President in charge of digital issues at the new Commission and European Commissioner for Competition. 

Ms. Vestager has always been very involved in the various competition cases that the OIP has been able to deal with her, aimed at fighting abuses of dominant position by Internet giants, and all the members of the association unanimously welcome her determination and courage.

The recent announcements by 50 US prosecutors, investigating the opening of an antitrust investigation against Google, accused of dominating all aspects of advertising and online search, support the European Commissioner's actions. They also demonstrate that these have never been "anti-American" but that they are the result of a clear analysis of the need for all consumers to ensure the conditions for free competition and choice on the Internet. 

While OIP members regret that various anti-competitive practices by Internet giants persist in Europe, the entire association is ready to work closely with Margrethe Vestager over the next five years to make competition on the European digital market healthier and more balanced. 



Léonidas Kalogeropoulos, Delegate General:

Anaïs Strauss, Advisor:


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