Google is about to launch a new fonctionality on its search engine. That could drastically reshape the e-business rules (22 May 2015) by OIP


As relayed in the Wall Street Journal (see article), Google is expected a new button on its search engine web pages by the end of 2015.

The Buy Now button will allow users to buy products highlighted by Google without having to on the source site anymore.

The Mountain View’s company argues that this new functionality shall better satisfy the consumers’ needs as advertising will be precisely targeted on his expectations. However, one can easily understand that by reducing the web user’s willingness to go on the original website that sells the advertised product, Google may, once again, abuse of a dominant position.

As a matter of fact, if the search engine, that absorbs almost 90% of the European Internet traffic, became a merchant place on its own, needless to say that a lot of the historical actors would suffer from the redefinition of the e-business.

Now the question is really how will the European Commission welcome this new tool?

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