The OIP welcomes the decision taken by the European Commission against Google by OIP

Paris, June 27th 2017 – The association Open Internet Project (OIP), formal complainant in the Google-Shopping case, welcomes the decision taken today by the European Commission against Google, penalizing its abuses of dominance in search markets by favoring its comparison shopping service in its search results.

While the Google comparison shopping case was opened more than 7 years ago, the OIP welcomes the determination, dynamism and courage of Mrs. Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for competition since November 2014, who took over the case after 4 years of delays caused by the search engine in finding a compromise.

Today, the European Commission announced that it formally prohibited Google’s systematic favoring of its comparison shopping service in its search result pages. As a deterrent the Commission imposed a record-breaking fine of €2.42 billion euros.

The OIP welcomes the corrective non-discrimination measures to which Google will have to submit as a result of the prohibition decision. The decision orders Google to comply with the principle of giving equal treatment to rival comparison shopping services and its own services. In OIP’s view, these measures will also have to be implemented for other Google activities such as in the area of maps, local or travel search.

Productivity, growth and jobs are undermined by the abuses of dominance of companies with unassailable market power, causing serious harm to competition in Europe. Google’s extensive anticompetitive behavior continues, not only in the comparison Shopping case but also in other cases such as Android, maps, images, etc. and any other sectors of the European economy. Against that background, OIP encourages the Commission to also bring all other pending investigations against Google to an end. 

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